Our Mission

To provide the perfect warehouse solution for businesses to scale, thrive and move the world forward.

Our Story

ROLLUP was founded to empower and enable small businesses by allowing them to operate with the same efficiency and advantage of large corporations. We looked at the old-fashioned warehouses of the world, and we questioned everything. We turned them inside out and reimagined how to repurpose them for small businesses. We decided to reconfigure them in a way that makes sense to allow small businesses to thrive. The result was the perfect warehouse solution for small and medium sized companies to operate, scale their businesses and be part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

We will continue to challenge the status quo, sparking radical change, with one goal in mind – to pioneer the warehouse revolution for small businesses, e-commerce brands and creative entrepreneurs.

Our Unique Approach


Purpose-built industrial workspace that is designed for the needs of warehouse-based companies


Providing the infrastructure, amenities and capabilities of big-box industrial space businesses


Businesses can expand and shrink, based on demand within each industry, given current market realities


Catering to the explosive growth and demand of small users, those companies requiring 500-3,000 SF of private and secure warehouse space


All-inclusive monthly membership fees, turnkey space options, streamlined leasing process and a full-service support system provides a breakthrough experience for businesses seeking small warehouse space