ROLLUP provides the infrastructure and benefits of a large industrial space with the convenience, amenities, and scalability of a shared office space.

ROLLUP offers mini warehouses from 500-3,000 square feet available for short-term leases with all-inclusive amenities. In the past, a huge warehouse was often the only choice for people who needed storage for equipment and a space to work creatively but was unrealistic in terms of space and cost.

Our team aims to provide more flexibility and better accommodations with our modern mini warehouse solutions. We offer leases from three months to three years under flexible terms. You pay one amount for the rent—all utilities are included—with super simple billing.

ROLLUP is thrilled to provide creative spaces designed for artists, entrepreneurs, and local businesses. Featuring 24/7 access to space that can accommodate materials, merchandise, professional meetings, photography sessions, and office space, we transform the way you work by changing the way you think about work. ROLLUP is the jet fuel modern warehouse and e-commerce companies need in order to take off!

We’re run by BECO Management, a company that specializes in revamping distressed commercial properties and creating innovative workplaces for today’s modern entrepreneur. BECO is committed to cultivating the type of work environment its occupants need to support their success.

BECO has been recognized as one of the Top Ten Best Places to Work by The Washington Post and was the first and only Workplace Solutions Organization to receive a 5-Star Diamond Certification by the American Association of Hospitality Sciences.

BECO brings a long-term holistic approach to property management that harmonizes positive relationships with customers, vendors, and communities.

With a stellar management team and unique warehouse offerings, we feature two convenient locations for people looking for more flexibility when building their careers and managing their resources. No matter what your passion is, we look forward to supporting your creative journey at ROLLUP!

Who We Serve

Who can benefit from the smaller contemporary warehouse spaces ROLLUP offers its communities? We’ll tell you exactly what professionals these spaces were designed for.

Local Businesses

ROLLUP serves the local businesses that are so essential to our economy. From the florist on the corner to the plumber down the street to the custom furniture shop, we support businesses both large and small with flexible solutions.


We support artists who need space for their creative endeavors and materials, but also need a professional office to meet with potential clients and vendors. Our smaller warehouses are ideal for those who want to explore the world in a different way than traditional office or warehouse space can offer.

Online Sellers

Our space is designed for online vendors such as Amazon and eBay sellers who don’t want their homes to become overrun with merchandise but who can’t afford traditional storage or office space. ROLLUP is also ideal for ecommerce companies that need extra room on a budget.


ROLLUP was built with entrepreneurs and startup companies in mind, including inventors and creators who need more space in an office that’s not going to smother their creative spark. We wholly support the journeys of our tenants and are dedicated to being an integral part of what makes them successful.

Delivery Companies

ROLLUP can be a valuable setup for delivery companies including last-mile delivery to ensure items are distributed to customers as soon as possible. Our loading docks are industrial-grade, allowing our tenants to receive and ship items of all sizes with ease.

Anyone Who Needs Flexible Warehouse Space

We work with event companies who need space to store their equipment but who may also need space to meet with potential clients. ROLLUP provides flexible office and storage solutions for marketing companies, apparel companies, and cleaning companies—anyone and everyone who needs a smaller warehouse space!

Our mini warehouses are for everyone who needs extra room with all the amenities of a larger warehouse but with the style and support of a smaller office environment. We help our customers take their businesses and creative endeavors to the next level with the right solutions!