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Who We Are

Our Story

ROLLUP was founded to empower and enable small businesses by allowing them to operate with the same efficiency and advantage of large corporations. We looked at the old-fashioned warehouses of the world, and we questioned everything. We turned them inside out and reimagined how to repurpose them for small businesses. We decided to reconfigure them in a way that makes sense to allow small businesses to thrive. The result was the perfect warehouse solution for small and medium sized companies to operate, scale their businesses and be part of a community of like minded entrepreneurs.

We will continue to challenge the status quo, sparking radical change, with one goal in mind – to pioneer the warehouse revolution for small businesses, e-commerce brands and creative entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

The ROLLUP mission is to provide the perfect warehouse solution for businesses to scale, thrive, and move the world forward.

Meet the Team

Levi Cohen


Joseph Ely


Samantha Rubenstein


Samantha Albright

Community Manager

Noah Sause

Community Manager

Jessica Vazquez

Community Manager

Our Unique Approach


The perfect size warehouse space for every business to be amazing


Purpose-built industrial workspaces that are functional, efficient, and designed for warehouse-based companies


The infrastructure amenities, and capabilities of big-box industrial space, scaled down and offered to businesses of every size.


Expand and contract as necessary, based on demand and current market realities within your industry


Turnkey space options, inclusive Smart Pricing, streamlined leasing process, and a full-service support system provide a breakthrough experience for business owners


ROLLUP has five locations for your convenience in Maryland and in Illinois, located respectively at:

9701 Philadelphia Court
Lanham, MD 20706

4471 Nicole Drive
Lanham, MD 20706

5001 Forbes Blvd,
Lanham MD 20706

3100 Branch Ave
Temple Hills MD 20748

1930 Innovation Way
Libertyville, IL 60048

Everything is included in one simple payment. In order to reserve your space and get started, we require one month’s rent and one month security deposit.
A mini warehouse has the same basic infrastructure and benefits of a larger industrial space, but with the convenience, amenities, and flexibility of a shared office space.
Our leases are full-service, meaning they include all utilities, so all you pay is the rent in one monthly fee. Our billing is super simple to make things easier for both us and you!

Yes, there’s free parking onsite for cars, work trucks, and vans day and night. You won’t have to worry about paying for or finding parking when you partner with ROLLUP!

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