ROLLUP is the perfect home for small businesses who need industrial workspace.

We offer a dynamic and functional space for all kinds of companies to thrive: From startup e-commerce companies to fortune 500 enterprise’s and everything in between, ROLLUP is the perfect option for companies looking for small warehouse space.

E-commerce & Logistics

E-commerce brands and logistics operations need industrial capabilities and cloud-like flexibility. ROLLUP’s warehouses are built right, so you can access loading docks, rack your goods, and scale in hyper-drive as your brand grows and your supply increases. With onsite packing stations, equipment, and better shipping rates, ROLLUP’s 360-degree solution is perfect for the booming world of e-commerce and logistics

Professional Services & Construction

Every company deserves the basics. ROLLUP provides the perfect small warehouse solution, and then layers on all the basics, like a place to meet, make coffee, receive mail and docks to ship & receive. Meet your clients in a conference room, set up an interview in the kitchen, or receive materials before your next big job.

Manufacturing, Technology & Creators

Our warehouses are tough for a reason. With their high electrical capacity, vertical clearance, and rugged atmosphere, ROLLUP’s small warehouses are the perfect place to build your product, launch your vision and create the unexpected. Start building today.

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