Who We Serve

Darren Fisher, ROLLUP Entrepreneur

We provide flexible office and storage solutions for anyone who needs a small warehouse space.

Local Businesses

ROLLUP serves the local businesses that are so essential to our economy. From florists to plumbers or furniture makers, we support businesses both large and small with flexible solutions.


ROLLUP was built with entrepreneurs and startup companies in mind, including inventors and creators who need more space in an office that’s not going to smother their creative spark. We wholly support the journeys of our tenants and are dedicated to being an integral part of what makes them successful.


(Amazon, eBay, Etsy)
Our space is designed for online vendors who don’t want their homes to become overrun with merchandise but who can’t afford traditional storage or office space. No matter what the product, ROLLUP offers the ideal space for e-commerce companies that need extra room on a budget.

Fashion & Apparel Brands

ROLLUP provides clothing and apparel companies with the warehouse space they need for production equipment, supplies and finished products/inventory. From printing and embroidery to fully customized garments and high fashion designs, ROLLUP offers flexible space that works for any apparel brand.

Beauty & Cosmetic Brands

Beauty brands and cosmetic companies can find the perfect combination storage and office space they’re looking for at ROLLUP. Flexible leasing options give your beauty company room to grow as you scale production, and on-site photo studios offer the perfect backdrop for getting your products out on social media.

AV & Event Production

Event producers tend to require a lot of equipment, and ROLLUP is the perfect place to find all the secure storage they need alongside a modern office environment. Our bright conference rooms also offer the ideal place to meet with clients.

IT & Digital

ROLLUP welcomes companies in the IT and digital spaces providing technology solutions to their customers. Our mini warehouses offer all the space you need for servers and other computer equipment, along with a polished office environment filled with modern amenities for employees.


ROLLUP offers companies in the 3D printing, robotics and computer hardware assembly industries with the extra space they need to house equipment and tools. Our all-inclusive pricing will help keep your business moving.

Light Manufacturing

Ready to scale production in your business? Our larger warehouses are ideal for those looking for a production or assembly area along with plenty of space for storing product. ROLLUP’s loading docks are ready and waiting for you to receive shipments.

Logistics & Delivery

ROLLUP can be a valuable setup for delivery companies, including last-mile delivery, to ensure items are distributed to customers as soon as possible. Our loading docks are industrial-grade, allowing tenants to receive and ship items of all sizes with ease.

Service Lines

(Janitorial, Landscaping, Repair)
Service-oriented brands love ROLLUP’s all-inclusive pricing and speedy leasing process that gets you moved in and back to business quickly. Our small warehouse options include plenty of space for tools, cleaning supplies and equipment.


ROLLUP is the idea home base for construction companies. Don’t store your tools and construction equipment in your garage – we have secure warehouse space to hold all of your construction supplies and machinery. Contractors, maintenance, plumbing and HVAC companies will find that ROLLUP provides the comfortable, temperature-controlled storage and office space they’re looking for.

Artists & Makers

We support artists who need space for their creative endeavors and materials, but also need a professional office to meet with potential clients and vendors. Our smaller warehouses are ideal for those who want to explore the world in a different way than traditional office or warehouse space can offer.

Design & Marketing Companies

Graphic designers and marketing professionals looking for office space will find ROLLUP’s smaller warehouses to be ideal for them. Our professionally equipped photo studio, modern conference room, kitchen and other office amenities are always available.

Sign & Printing Companies

ROLLUP’s combination storage and office space is the perfect setup for sign companies and printers. With plenty of room for production equipment and printing supplies, along with private office space, your printing company will have everything they need.


Florists need space to store their flowers and plants, along with the ability to receive constant shipments of fresh product. ROLLUP’s mini warehouse options and our industrial-grade loading docks give flower stores and online plant shops the support they need to succeed.

Interior Designers

Interior designers and decorators looking for professional office space will find ROLLUP’s smaller warehouses to be the perfect fit. Our professionally equipped photo studio, modern conference room, kitchen and other office amenities are always available and included in your rent.

Our mini warehouses offer the amenities of a larger warehouse with the style and support of a smaller office environment. We help our customers take their business to the next level!

Jeanna Foley, ROLLUP Entrepreneur
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